Optimal Visibility

Mitsubishi Electric LCD panels feature excellent display characteristics even when viewed from extreme angles and in less than optimum conditions.

Wide Viewing Angle for Industrial Use

Industrial applications typically require screen viewing from varied angles, often by multiple operators at once, from a variety of positions. Mitsubishi Electric TFT-LCD modules meet these demands through a design that fosters easy viewing from extreme angles. All standard modules have a horizontal viewing axis of more than 130° and vertical viewing axis of 110°. Some products offer new wide view technology with a horizontal viewing axis of more than 160° and a vertical viewing axis of 150°.

Viewing angle is defined as an angle with a contrast ratio of more than 10:1. Higher values represent better performance from stated viewing directions.

High Luminance

High luminance is critical for optimum visibility in industrial applications like information displays in retail outlets, on the factory line, and for outdoor use. The majority of Mitsubishi Electric TFT-LCD displays have a luminance rating above 300 cd/m². Some of our standard panels are rated as high as 700 cd/m² (6.5VGA AA065VD01) and 600 cd/m² (9.0WVGA AA090MC01/6.5VGA AA065VB08 ). The luminance rating indicates how bright the surface appears by candela per meter squared. Higher values represent brighter performance.

Reverse Scan Function

Mitsubishi Electric standard industrial LCD modules have the ability to reverse scanning direction, which enables the display to be used for maximum visibility in either of two directions. For example, as shown in the illustration, when viewing from above in the normal scanning mode, the display colors do not reverse; however, when viewing from below, the color reverses, making it difficult to view the display. By rotating the display position of a Mitsubishi Electric module by 180°, the view from below is improved with the image still reversed. By then reversing the scanning direction, the image is corrected while the display position is reversed. The reverse scan function allows the choice of optimum viewing direction.

Normal scan180 degree rotationReverse scan

Mechanically Symmetric Design

Sometimes industrial applications require that displays be set in different locations while still maintaining an optimum viewing angle (upside down with reverse scan). When a display is designed symmetrically from its center point, the module can be physically reversed without the need to change the mountings. This design has been incorporated into our 6.5" VGA, 8.4" VGA, 12.1" SVGA, 12.1" XGA, and 15.0" XGA modules.

Wide Format LCD

Due to recent new wide format demands like Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcasting and other information displays, the demand has also grown in the industrial market application. With wider format TFT-LCD display, it allows much more information on screen, compared with current 4:3 aspect ratio display.
Mitsubishi Electric Wide Format LCD